As Seen in Port Huron, April 24th 2016

Backways, Port Huron

The alleyscape of the southeast block of Military and Water Streets, Port Huron (taken April 24, 2016; filtered).

The lull in posts should not be confused with an absence of work on PHAH&PA’s part.  Research is being done, pages are being added to and edited, buildings and districts are being identified as possible National Register candidates, one-on-one meetings are being held, and there’s some training going on in there too.

Part of the page additions and research has involved taking and adding photographs, so I thought I’d share some here.  Today, not realizing that the Exquisite Corpse coffee house wasn’t open on Sundays, my son and I took a little stroll around the block it’s in, looking for the little things that make up the personality of a building and a block.  Here are a few.

Historic alleyway door and wall, Port Huron.

Old stonework and double door, Military street alley (at Water Street), Port Huron. I only wish you could really see what this photo can’t seem to convey about this historic doorway.

Pilaster detail, Water St, Port Huron

Pilaster detail, east end of Water St, Port Huron.

Historic bldg details, Port Huron

Stone foundation and pilaster detail, east end of Water Street, Port Huron.

Pilaster base, north end Military St, Port Huron

We’d need to do a rubbing of this one. Pilaster base, at the north end Military St (east side), Port Huron.

Historic interior detail, Military St, Port Huron

Historic interior detail (or ghost of one), east side of Military Street (south of Water), Port Huron. East Lake Builders seem to be in the process of preserving and renovating this building.

Detail of the Old Masonic Lodge Bldg, Port Huron




At left is an upper door detail from what’s left of the 1912 Eagles Lodge No. 343 at 1001 Military Street. It used to be a stately three story structure with brick upper floors, but now only the bottom first floor remains (it is utilized as a social services building). See below. An image of the original building will be added when one becomes available.

1001 Military St, Port Huron

Below is a side view of what is probably the only red sandstone building in Port Huron, and it’s in pretty sorry shape.  This structure was one of the oldest banks in the city, St. Clair County Savings Bank.  Amazingly, it’s present location at Military and Pine streets is not it’s first–it was moved stone by stone from a location that was closer to the water (Endlich 1981:71).

Old St Clair County Bank bldg, Port Huron

St Clair Cty Savings Bank Endlich p72

At left is a scan of the building during better days (Endlich 1981:72); the photo is undated.


Endlich, Helen.  A Story of Port Huron (Port Huron: Self-published, 1981).


2 thoughts on “As Seen in Port Huron, April 24th 2016

  1. I know it would be more work but perhaps some time in the future you could make it so when you click on a photo it would be enlarged. I am enjoying your site. If you ever need a photo like the bank at it’s original location or the original Elks Temple or I even have a photo of the back alleyway (aerial view) on Military, just let me know. If I have it I would be glad to share it with you. Keep up the good work!

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    • You know what, Bob, I don’t know why they’re NOT letting you click on them to see the full picture. I load quite a few of them at large sizes just for that purpose, and my other connected blog has that function, so I’ll try and figure it out. If the template doesn’t allow for it for some reason, I guess I’ll have to change the template (now THAT’S something I don’t want to have to do). I totally agree though. Some of these photos might as well not even be on here if the viewer can’t see them in detail. But thank you so much for the compliment and the offer. As I get into this more and want to compile actual reports and hopefully publish some things, I’ll give you a holler! Thanks again!

      PS. I’ve looked and looked at all the settings and there’s nothing with this template to allow for viewing the images differently. If I would’ve known that I would’ve never used this template. It also has this weird wacky issue where I can’t use any header fonts . . . I’m not kidding. I even have used html in the html editor to add headers and larger size fonts, and they just don’t work. It’s so strange! So, I guess I’m going to have to change the template, which is going to be a pain (and annoying, since I took a long time to pick this particular one for its looks); I’m not ready to switch it over to another host yet. *cries*


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