Postcards page updated

Just a note letting our readers know that we added new postcards to our postcard page.  We also added a better quality image of one of the previously posted cards, changed the title of the page, and added images from a Diana Sweet Shop matchbook.  Thanks for visiting our website!

Public Library, now the Port Huron Museum, no date. Source: Vicki Priest

Update of 11-26-19:  Four more postcards were added today, including one from St. Stephen’s Catholic Church shortly before it was demolished (below).

St. Stephen Catholic Church, copyright 1964. That is the same year that the 96 year old structure was demolished to make way for community college expansion. (Custom Studios, NJ). Source: Vicki Priest



Cartoon Sketches of Historic Port Huron Influencers

Below are the Port Huron pages from Our Michigan Friends as We See ‘Em, published circa 1905 (full citation at end post).  Feel free to click on the images in order to view them full size.

Page 497, Lincoln Avery and Wm. L. Jenks

Page 498, Henry McMorran and J.E. Miller

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