Cartoon Sketches of Historic Port Huron Influencers

Below are the Port Huron pages from Our Michigan Friends as We See ‘Em, published circa 1905 (full citation at end post).  Feel free to click on the images in order to view them full size.

Page 497, Lincoln Avery and Wm. L. Jenks

Page 498, Henry McMorran and J.E. Miller

Page 499, Albert Bennett and George Moore

Page 500, George W. Moore and Major Nathan Boynton

Page 501, Fred Moore and Carl Wagner

Page 502, John Gleason and George Harvey

Page 503, Burt Cady and D. P. Markey

Page 504, Frederick Brown and W. G. Jenks

Page 505, Stephen Graham and Joseph Walsh

Page 506, Norman Miller and Andrew Smith

Source:  Newspaper Cartoonists’ Association Of Michigan, and C. O Youngstrand. A gallery of pen sketches in black and white of our Michigan friends “as we see ’em.”, by Newspaper Cartoonists’ Association of Michigan. [Detroit, Press of Wm. Graham Printing Co, 1905] Pdf.


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