Preservation Benefits

(1)  From 10 Benefits of Establishing a Local Historic District (2015).  Please see the article for more on each benefit.  There’s also a video there on this subject.

  1. Local districts protect the investments of owners and residents of historic properties.
  2. Properties within local historic districts appreciate at rates greater than the local market overall as well as faster than similar, non-designated neighborhoods.
  3. Local districts encourage better quality design.
  4. Local districts help the environment.
  5. Local districts are energy-efficient.
  6. Historic districts are a vehicle for education.
  7. Historic districts can positively impact the local economy through tourism.  “According to a 2009 report, 78% of all U.S. leisure travelers are cultural and/or heritage travelers who spent, on average, $994 on their most recent trips―compared to $611 spent by non-cultural and heritage travelers. “
  8. Protecting local historic districts can enhance business recruitment potential.
  9. Local districts provide social and psychological benefits.
  10. Local districts give communities a voice in their future.

(2)  Michigan-based reports:  2014, Ten Years of Excellence: The Economic Impacts of Main Street in Michigan; 2006, Report Card: The Economic Impacts of Historic Preservation in Michigan; and 2002, Investing in Michigan’s Future: the Economic Benefits of Historic Preservation.