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Mission Statement

Our mission is to Bring history to life in the Port Huron area


In the public interest, this organization shall carry out the following activities: (1) gather and disseminate historical and social-scientific information and data, and (2), study, report on, and nominate for recognition historic sites, structures, buildings, and districts.

Our Board

Vicki Priest, President and founder

Vicki is founder and president of the Port Huron Area History & Preservation Association, a newer nonprofit dedicated to researching and sharing the regional history of Port Huron, Port Huron Township, Fort Gratiot Township, and Marysville, and assisting with the preservation of properties and neighborhoods for the good of all area residents. She holds the degrees of Master of History and Bachelor of Anthropology, and worked in the related fields of archaeological and historical resources management while in California. She also found gratification working as a Victim Specialist, assisting persons who suffered domestic violence, for some years. Having a son, she became acquainted with video games and plays certain story- and action-driven franchises when she wants to forget about daily concerns; Vicki is known to fall into giggle fits, or wield a crossbow or gauss rifle equally deftly, in the immersive stories. She has published poetry and pieces on history, Christianity, and video games.  To learn more about Vicki you’re welcome to visit her LinkedIn Profile.

Zakery Stiegemeyer, Vice President and Secretary

Even though Zak completed pharmacy tech training, he’d much rather spend his time with books than pharmaceuticals.  Fortunate for him, then, that he landed a job in the St. Clair County Library system.  He loves creativity and media and runs a relatively successful YouTube channel.  Zak practices drawing, graphic design, and video editing.  He of course loves history and wants to play a role in preserving the historic assets that still remain in the area, knowing that success will improve the quality of life in Port Huron and environs.

Lynne Secory, Treasurer





Dave Shamaly, Director

Dave is an assistant manager with Blue Water Habitat for Humanity in their ReStore, Port Huron. He is excited to be a part of another nonprofit that seeks to assist in both the stabilization and improvement of the area’s neighborhoods. Prior to working for Habitat, Dave had a long career in the insurance industry, receiving many achievement awards in that field and owning his own agency. He also operated his own dry cleaning establishment for a decade. He graduated from Central Michigan University in 1976 with a BS in Business Administration (marketing major, psychology minor). Dave also spends his time being a Career Placement Independent Recruiter.


Marilyn Hebner, A Dear Late Director

Marilyn was a life-long volunteer and leader, and had a love for preserving history in all its different forms.  She was President of the St. Clair County Family History Group, a genealogical nonprofit, and had served on that organization’s board since 1979.  She was one of the founders of the Friends of the Library, Port Huron branch of the county library system, and still served on its board at the time of her death in February 2018.  Marilyn is Past President of the Michigan Genealogical Council, and with her husband, had founded the Huron County Genealogical Society.  If all that wasn’t enough, she was President of the now defunct Museum Guild (Port Huron Museum) for over 27 years, and had served in all sorts of school, after-school, and parent/school capacities while her children were growing up.  She will be dearly missed.

Page last updated on March 9, 2018

Comments?  Questions?  Contact us via the form below.  Thank you!

6 thoughts on “About Us, Contact

  1. Hello! I just came to learn that the Fuller’s in Huron/Sanilac County are somehow related to my husband’s Fuller family — wondering if anyone involved in the history of the county could tell me the name of the very earliest/first Fuller family(s) to come into that area and estimated date?

    Cheryl Fuller


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  2. I have found inaugural invitations from 1969 to 1971. I was wondering if you were interested in acquiring them? I would send pictures but unfortunately it doesn’t look like you’re site will allow that. So if you would like to talk to me about them, my number is 810-662-6628.


  3. Hi Tina. Which inauguration are you referring to? Otherwise, we are not a museum and do not have a special budget for acquiring things. So far, the board members have donated things, as have some other people, or we borrow items to make digital copies.


  4. I would like to have permission to reproduce the photo of 1317 Seventh Street in a book. Can someone please advise me how to obtain that permission?


    • Hello Mark, and I’m glad that you found something useful at our site.

      I’m writing back from my personal email since that’s where your question got forwarded. I was looking around our pages and wasn’t sure which photo(s) you were referring to. Can you please provide me the url and any other info if necessary (like if there are multiple photos, which one(s) you’re interested in)? If I personally took the photos, I will give permission, as long as they are attributed. I look forward to hearing back from you.

      Vicki Priest President, PHAHPA ________________________________


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