I Love Your Rear

On this page we’ll post photos of the backs of buildings from time to time.  We can love a building’s rear for many reasons, not least of which would be the historic details still visible on the building’s less public face–historic clues that may either be hidden or have been removed from the front.  Of course, there are some rears not really worth loving so much, because, unfortunately, the building owner went to the expense to cover them up!  If you have any suggestions of rears worth looking at here, whether they’re beautiful, decrepit, or informative, please let us know!

Rear view of the St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store on 24th St (1335), Port Huron.

Rear view of Rent-A-Center on 24th St (1337), Port Huron.

Front facade of the two historic brick rears above (1335-1337 24th St, Port Huron). So much different, no?

The pleasant to look at marriage of the asymmetrical and symmetrical rear of 802 Lapeer Avenue. This building’s rear is much easier on the eyes than it’s front or side facades (below).

The unbelievable treatment of this fine building’s east facade. Its a shocking and actually disturbing sight when driving west from downtown Port Huron.

About as disturbing as the paint job of the side facade is the incongruously ugly first floor treatement of the building’s front left side. How, and why? 802 Lapeer, Port Huron.

Rear of 716 Lapeer (and neighbor, to right). Notable is the filling in of almost all the windows. The interior must’ve been a much more pleasant place in the past, with light and ventilation. The rear of this building reflects the front, as seen below.

716 Lapeer, right, and neighbor. The originals of both buildings were very nice in their different ways. 716 has had its original windows filled in, and poorly so from an architectural and design perspective. See below for a better view of this building.

714 & 716 Lapeer, the historic IOOF (Independent Order of Odd Fellows) building. Wonder what is going on in the third story? That floor would have to be totally artificially lighted (there is one smaller window still open at the building’s rear; in this case it’s the one place where the sun does actually shine).

Check back off-and-on for more rear views.