Federal and State Preservation Laws

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Local  Port Huron has a historic district ordinance, reproduced here.


  • Public Act 169 (1970), the “Local Historic District Act.”  Amended in 1999, adding a 25% tax credit.  In 2001 the tax benefit was made permanent.  State tax credits were rescinded as of January 2012 (Public Acts 38 and 39 of 2011).  Federal level tax credits still apply.
  • SB 973 (2007).  Tax credit enhancements passed.  State tax credits were rescinded as of January 2012.
  • SB 566-568 and 664 (2011), “Michigan Community Revitalization Program.”

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The National Historic Preservation Act was passed in 1966, and so 2016 is its 50th anniversary.  For more information, go to Preservation50.org.

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