There are a huge number of postcards out there depicting historic Port Huron.  We will post images of these that we obtain legitimately.  That is, while a great many can be viewed on Ebay and other sellers’ sites and should be copyright-free, we will not copy them to post them here.  If you want to share a copy of a postcard that you own, please do!  We will provide the source of all images.  Please email us with the image at  Thank you.

port huron postcardd

Gratiot Inn, postmarked 1946. Source: Vicki Priest

port huron postcard

County-City Building, postcard neither dated or mailed. Source: Vicki Priest

Pavillion that formerly stood in Pine Grove Park. 1907 copyright, 1914 mailing. Source: Port Huron Museum collection.

First Baptist Church, Port Huron. No longer standing. Source: Port Huron Museum Collection.

Port Huron in 1902 (or possibly 1903). The intersection is Water and Military, so the image is looking to the northeast. Source: Wikipedia, Port Huron page; public domain.

St. Clair River Tunnel, Port Huron, 1907. Source: Wikipedia, Port Huron page; public domain.

Huron Ave, Port Huron (east side of street, north of Black River, unless I am mistaken), 1913. Source: Wikipedia, Port Huron page; public domain.

Fort Gratiot Lighthouse, 1902. Source: Wikipedia; public domain.

The Jenkinson House as shown on a post card that was mailed in 1919. Source: Lynne Secory.