This brand new site is under construction.  Priority right now is the populating of the informational pages rather than posting lots of entries on the home page.  So if you check those out, you’re sure to see something.

At the moment, the City of Port Huron doesn’t have a central informational hub for its own resources or for historic preservation information generally,* and that is exactly what this site hopes to help rectify.  For example, Port Huron has two historic districts, but you’d hardly know it even if you tried finding out about them.  City governments that are proud of their rich built environment and history normally try to make those resources easily knowable, even more so when heritage tourism is involved.  There are those who are active in trying to preserve their communities, and there are those who are working on projects right now that will result in the reopening of historic buildings downtown.  These things will be the subjects of future posts.  Regarding the association, it is just forming and looking for supporters, members, friends.  If you are interested in knowing more or helping out, there is a contact form on the “membership and donations” page.  Thank you for your interest!

*  The St. Clair County library in downtown does (happily) have research materials, and there is some information at the Main Street office at 219 Huron Avenue, but neither of these are the equivalent to the city having a real history or historic preservation page (or publications).  The city has never carried out a historic resources survey and has no register of historically significant properties, and the two historic districts it has are hard do find out about (one district has a website up, but it hasn’t been updated since 2008).  The communities that surround Port Huron, Fort Gratiot, Port Huron Township, and Marysville, are smaller and haven’t undertaken surveys or implemented registers, either (Marysville does have historical and museum information at its city site).

Port Huron, pier with steamers, c 1908

An active pier scene in Port Huron, circa 1908.


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